Problem with full-screen mode

Hello, I’m using Vine Viewer 3.1 to connect to a linux machine. The client machine is a 15" MacBook Pro, and it is connected to a 30" monitor.

I want to run my VNC session in full-screen mode on the 30" monitor (2560x1600) while retaining full functionality on the smaller 15" screen. However when I put Vine Viewer in full-screen mode, the 15" screen goes black, and the main VNC window still shows up on the 30" monitor, but with a grey interior. I’ve attached screen captures of both screens.

Of course one solution is to downsize my VNCs from 2560x1600 to allow for the window borders, but this requires changing many existing vnc sessions, many of which are used on other systems where 2560x1600 is a more natural fit. Besides, I hate giving up screen real estate :slight_smile:

Is there any way to get full-screen mode working on an external display?


Your scenario will work if you make the 30" screen the primary monitor and put Vine Viewer on that display before going to full screen. The app doesn’t handle the full screen mode well when it’s run from the secondary display.