Problem starting eggplant from a ssh connection

Hi all,

I am encountering the following issues, I have a SUT who is running a shell script that calls a client A's eggplant through a ssh connection and fires it off. Client A will run eggplant script on the SUT (which is going back to the SUT itself). 

I am getting the following error when I am launching the shell script from SUT thru SSH.

./runscript /root/devtools/xxxxx.suite/Scripts/xxxx.script -host -port 5901 -password password -GlobalResultsFolder /root/devtools/xxxxx.suite/Results

/usr/GNUstep/Local/Applications/ Uncaught exception WindowServerCommunication, reason: Unable to connect to X Server `’

However, if I run the same runscript command on Client A directly. I do not have that issue.

Does anyone know what did I do wrong?


I think the issue is that the session that you connect to via SSH does not have a graphical context at all. Even though you’re not running the eggPlant GUI, eggPlant needs a graphics context for the buffer that holds the SUT display internally.

Hey Matt, so what approach or resolution should i be looking into.


According to the tree of wisdom, the following steps should resolve this issue:

On the machine that you are SSHing into, you need to execute this command:

sudo xhost +

This needs to be done only once. Then on the same machine, each time before you launch eggPlant you need to run this command:

export DISPLAY=:0.0

I hope that works for you.

I having he same issue as Jasto. Funny thing is my script was working fine for months now this error is popping up. Linux RedHat 7.4, the line that executes Eggplant in the script is:
ssh -X osi@ "xhost +; export DISPLAY=:0.0; runscript ‘~/Documents/TestingScripts/OvernightTest.suite/Scripts/00_Demo_FullRun.script’ -host -port 5900"

Where .48 is where Eggplant resides and .200 is the SUT

The error I get is:

2019-08-01 15:27:01.972 Eggplant[30408:30408] NSDocumentClass EGGDocument not NSDocument subclass
No protocol specified
/usr/GNUstep/Local/Applications/ Uncaught exception NSWindowServerCommunicationException, reason: Unable to connect to X Server `:0.0’
/usr/local/bin/runscript: line 13: 30408 Aborted (core dumped) /usr/GNUstep/Local/Applications/ "$@"

I’d appreciate any insights, thanks!