Problem of TextImage

When I use TextImage to generate a image, an error happened as: “Error Generating Text Image – in : syntax error at line…”. I just want to create a TextImage by click ‘Text Image’ button. There is no preview image.
Could anybody help me?

o. I know where I’m wrong. I set a platform setting wrong. It should be ‘Extenal’ not ‘Scripted’. I don’t know what’s the difference. If I set this correct, this error won’t happen.

A scripted TIG is a special kind of external TIG that captures images of text that is typed in a text editor window and then that captured text is compared to the system-under-test. Scripted TIGs are used for non-Mac platforms that don’t have a TIG executable. They are called scripted TIGs because you write an eggPlant script to type and capture the text images. I know you figured out your issue, but I just wanted to provide some clarification for you or anyone else who’s confused about this distinction.

Thanks for your explanation! But I want to know how can I deal with the components like combox, radio button, textbox by using Text Image Generation. The problem is most of them don’t have a visible name in UI.

Sorry to reply a little late on this topic. Basically you need to use whatever visual clues you would expect your USER to rely on.

If it’s not text (or even if it is) you might use a regular captured image. The text image generator is great for dynamic text, but if your text isn’t changing then you can work just as easily with a captured image.

Even if the label or image isn’t directly next to the control, there must be some element in the UI that you can use as a reference and then set the hot spot (of the image or text image accordingly).