Problem installing/starting Eggplant 14.10 on Windows 7

I installed eggplant on windows 7 box and also entered information regarding floating license with the username for the hostname for the license server and key, which it accepted and clicked ok. We are running old version of TeamLicenseServer(12). Then, I restarted eggplant, this time it told that it did not start properly and asked to pick one out of three options: quit, remove preferences and use previous preferences(something like that). I tried remove preferences as well as “use previous preferences”. Both times, it gets stuck on the splash screen. I am attaching splash screen at the bottom. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still behaves the same way. After uninstalling and reinstalling it does not ask for the license information again.

This problem can occur if your license is close to expiring.

You can’t see it (because the Splash Screen has covered it up) but there is a little alert panel waiting to be dismissed. Just click on the splash screen and hit RETURN and eggPlant will finish starting up.

This issue has been addressed for a maintenance release that will be available soon.