problem connecting to VNC server


I just downloaded and installed Vine server 2.2 on my MacOS. i’m having a problem connecting to it. The problem is that my ip address is not listed on it. i’m running vmware fusion on my mac and it created 2 adapters, Vmnet1 and Vmnet8 in addtion to my physical adapter.

in connection settings under ip addresses i have these listed: - Vmnet8 - Vmnet1
My physical adapter 192.168.0.x is not listed in there.

is there a way to force Vine to only listen on 192.168.0.x address and not use vmware’s ip addresses?



Just a note - the IP’s listed in Vine Server are there for informational purposes only and only the first 2 are shown.

Vine does not BIND to any IP addresses and so any IP address that properly gets the traffic to your machine:port will work regardless of what is displayed on that panel.

Have you tried connecting with your physical IP address?