Private VPN and VNC

I connect my home computer to the internet via a VPN from a private company. I want to be able to log in with my iPad from work. The private VPN company blocks incoming connections that do not originate on their network.

I have been running VINE for a long time and use it quite well with my iPad (iTeleport). It does nto work, of course, with my VPN connected.

I tried free logmein and I got it to work fine. I may just by Logmein Ignition, which will likely work, but I would like to know if there is a way to get it to work with VINE. I suspect that Logmein works because the local software keeps a connection to their servers and that allows me to get through the VPN.

Thanks for any info.

Can any one tell me the procedure of building a vpn connection? i am in uae and i want to make a connection between mine and my brother’s computer in pakistan how is that can anyone help me in the matter?

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