Private Handlers

Just wondering if anyone had experience with making handlers within a script “private” such that other scripts could not call the handlers of the file.

The reason for this is a desire to give better names to chunks of a script such as “openApplication” instead of showing the 10 - 15 lines of SenseTalk required to do it. It would be nice if there was no concern about changing it because you can prevent others from even calling it outside of the same file.

Other programming languages, such as Java generally refer to this as a private method.

Sorry, there’s no such thing as a private handler in Sensetalk.

Sorry, I read this a while back and just never made it around to replying back. Thank you for the response.

You could probably achieve something similar by having a “function library” script within the Test Suite, called something like “fl” (Function Library).
Within this script you could keep multiple handlers and functions, and then you would just call them using the script name as a prefix (fl.OpenApp) this could keep your “private” handlers seperate from other ones?