Print Screen?

We have Eggplant running on a mac (of course), and our SUT is a windows machine.

When I connect to the system under test, in some situations i need to take multiple screen shots if the system errors. So I need to manually take a screen shot (other than the one already taken by Eggplant) from the system under test, paste it into a document (which is located on the SUT) and e-mail it (using SUT)… but the MAC keyboard does not have a print screen key. I tried “CRTL+ALT+OPTION 4”, F13, and multiple other things that have been suggested but they do not work on the windows system.



You can use the SenseTalk command

TypeText printScreen

If you need to trigger this manually, enter the above command in the text field at the bottom of the Run Window.

You could also set up your Eggplant script to capture the image (using the CaptureScreen command and e-mail it using the SendMail command.)

What? I’ve done this before… you can even grab just the window you want. Try this: Command-Control-Shift-4, then hit space, then click. You now have the key window on the pasteboard. Open Preview, hit Command-N and save.

TypeText commandkey, controlkey, shiftkey, 4
TypeText space
Click (300,300) # or pick somewhere else…

Or as you wanted, the whole screen:

TypeText controlkey, shiftkey, 3

Hope that helps.


Yes, I was too facing this same kind of issue even after trying the command+control+shift4 but still, the problem didn’t resolve. Luckily, I got assistance from Airways Printing and finally, my problem got resolved. You can also visit them.