PreConfigured Password in Vine Server

Is there a way to preconfigure the password in Vine Server 3.0. You have added the functionality to preconfigure the reverse connection which is great. What would be very nice is if we could put a password in that would automatically protect the connection when it started. Currently, when vine server launches and connects to the reverse connection. Anyone on the network with a VNC Viewer can access the computer unless we manually put in a password after installing Vine Server.

I know in the old version of Vine Server we were able to “hack” the interface and type in the Reverse Connection settings. Is this what we would have to do to have the password pre-configured.

With Vine Server 3.0 a freshly installed server with only a reverse connection should NOT be allowing arbitrary login to other VNC viewers (you need to pick a password OR pick NONE to allow incoming connections). Reverse connections will always be allowed of course. If you are seeing different behavior please let us know and we’ll treat that as a security bug.

I downloaded a fresh copy of Vine 3.0 and put in the reverse connection settings. Everything worked fine. I was not able to initiate a connection from a VNC viewer.

I must have gotten some settings changed in the original Vine Server.