Pop Up Window doesn't Appear in the Record and Play Mode

Hi to all,
I have the following set Up.
PC1-Windows7- Application(to be Tested) , Ultra VNC Server.
A Virtual Machine- With Windows XP- Eggplant 10.22
I am using 2 monitors, one for Virtual Machine and one for regular application to be tested. I Remote the Virtual Machine

While getting in to live mode and trying to capture images, I observed that I am unable to see the POP UP Window in the Eggplant Record mode. Its hapening for one perticular Application. I tried for some other I was able to capture the pop up window. What would be the problem that I am unable to see the pop up window in EggPlant Live Mode.??

Any Help will be greatly Appreciated.

The problem is almost certainly due to a setting in UltraVNC, although I’m not sure which one. Using the default settings in Ultra, none of the menus in the recent releases of Microsoft Office are displayed, for example. You could try turning on the “Capture Alpha-Blending” setting for a start.

I can say that I’ve never seen these kinds of problems with RealVNC – the default settings always seem to show whatever is happening on the screen. The only exception to that is that some DVD player software will bypass the normal drawing routines and the video content won’t be displayed as a result.

Thank You Matt,
I have enabled the Option its working now.