Pointer gets in the way when running script


I have created a script and it works fine most of the time. Occasionally though the pointer will be overtop of a button. When Eggplant searches for the image it can’t find it. This happens because the image that I selected did not have the mouse pointer over it.

Is it possible to set the pointer on the SUT to be invisible so that this does not happen?

I tried to grab another image of the button to use the “AnyImageLocation()” function, but the mouse pointer does not show in Capture Mode.

This should not be the problem with your script. Unless you have overridden the default behavior, Eggplant moves the cursor to the lower right corner of the screen if it can’t find the image the first time it searches for it. In order to allow us to diagnose the problem, please send us the image that Eggplant is having trouble finding and the ScreenError.tiff file that is generated when the script fails. For quickest response, please e-mail these files to support@redstonesoftware.com.

Note also that if you are testing against MacOS X, the cursor is never visible to Eggplant in any mode, so it can’t be a factor in the image matching. This is due to the way in which the Mac system draws the cursor, rendering it separately after the rest of the screen has been drawn.

I’d like to point out that since the previous posts were made, we have released the 1.4x versions of Eggplant. Among the many enhancements that these releases offer is the ability to turn off the local cursor. This has the effect of displaying the context-specific remote cursor (e.g., hand pointer, resize arrows, I-beam) locally, and turning off the cursor display in the remote screen. With this setting enabled (and a compatible VNC server on the SUT) the remote cursor is never a factor in the image match.

Note that the remote cursor is disabled only in the VNC view – you will still see it on the actual screen of the remote system.

To elaborate on Matt’s post, here is a list of VNC servers that support the local rendering of the cursor (thus allowing it to change shape).
Mac OS X - OSXvnc 1.3 (and above)
Windows - RealVNC 4.0 Beta 3 (and above)
UNIX - TightVNC 1.2.8 (and above)
As Matt said, these cursor are shown for you in the Remote Window but will NOT be part of any image captures or image searches when Eggplant runs a script.