Pause the script,goBack,readText and dynamic values to the xpath in eggplant

Query 1:How to pause the current(script1) for certain time and run the next script(scrip2) once the certain time is completed script1 should resume the run. How can we do this scenario?

Query 2:We have a scenario where we need use 2 instances to run the automtion where in the first instance will perform some actions and switch to second instance perform some actions and again we should switch back to first instance.

We have got a solution where we created new connection for the same ip address and in the script we are connecting using
goForward “SecondInstance” == and its working, it opens the new chrome windows and does the action.
To go back to the first instance we have used
goBack “FirstInstance” == this is not working, the window is not switching to first instance.

How can we resolve this?

Query 3:We have a scenario where we need to get the text which is hidden in the disabled attribute in html.By using xpath and attribute method we couldn’t resolve it. So we used image processing for it where we store the whole image and reading the text from that but it dint work for us.


and also we tried by giving top left and right bottom images to get the text still it dint work please help me to out to resolve this.

Query 4:we have a scenario where the values will be changed by the xpath will be same for all the elements - this case we have solved using %s in selenium how can we resolve this in eggplant.

xpath= //*[text()=’%s’]

%s- will be dynamic values we pass in the scripts.

Any help will be appriciated.

Thanks in advance!

[quote=“Charithra, post:1, topic:7402”]
Query 1
[/quote] use wait(Seconds) “Ex. Wait(10)” statement to pause Eggplant execution. before starting other script.
Query 2
You have to use Run Script2 command at Script1 at after specified steps. then followed by your script1 code.
So it will execute Script1 and in between it execute script2, after finishing script to it’ll go back to script1 and it’ll execute remaining code of script1

Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for the solutions given.

But it didn’t work as expected. I’ve explained in detail please look into that and help me out.

Query1: I wanted Script1 to pause for a specific time Ex.(1 minute) and next run Script 2 should run without waiting

Now what’s happening is that Script1 will pause for 1 minute and does no actions once after 1 minute completes Script2 runs.

Query2: I tried the solution by calling Run Script2 from Script1 but once it completes the Script2 it should switch back to Script1 along with the window but the script1 runs but it doesn’t switch the window.

Please help me to resolve these issues.