Password in Eggplant Preferences

At my work we use Eggplant in multiple Windows environments and in each environment we have an environment-specific Windows User. I have a Powershell script that sets up most of what Eggplant needs to work “out of the box” but one thing I’d like to enable is the ability to include the encrypted password in the Eggplant Preferences (Eggplant.plist) file as to avoid needing to share that information or manually input the connection details for the development teams that are working on their Eggplant scripts within our environments. Is there any scripts or programs I can call to encode the pass_code before placing it in the Eggplant.plist file? Or am I able to add the credentials to Windows Credential Manager and have the SUT pick up the credentials from there even before it has a connection ID?

Hi Jake,

You can use Vault commands to add to and pull from Credential Manager. Have you given these a spin? Commands for Secure Values | EPF Docs

Hope this helps,