Pass variable with double quotes and asterisks

I need to pass variable with double quotes and asterisks and could not find how?
Example: “LOC/Utility”.ApplyFunction ““””
and always got error:
STInvalidNumber Value is not a number: ‘b’
Need variable to look like this when it is passed: “” (asterisks is in front and at the end of
This solution could be:
put quote & “” & quote into myvariable
log myvariable
“LOC/Utility”.ApplyFunction myvariable - last part is not working
Any help? Thanks

I had a hard time understanding the question as I did not see any asterisks in the text.
Then I figured the text between a pair of asterisks was rendered as the italic emphasis like this .
If you put your code example in the preformatted text block (Ctrl-E), it would keep the asterisks visible.

I tried this and it worked for me.

put <<"**">> into myvariable

Thank you Keiichi. That part is now working. Problem is solved