Pass runtime parameters to Eggplant when run interactively?

I am used to GUI debugging environments where I can run my program with arguments that I specify in a dialog somewhere.

Is there a way in the Eggplant environment to say “Run my script with these arguments”?

IOW, it would be the GUI equivalent of the command line:
runscript myScript -params Argument1 Argument2


I suppose you could do this with the Ad Hoc Do Box (bottom field of the Run Window). You can run your scripts by typing the name of your script and specifying the arguments after the script name.

For instance:
SomeScriptName “arg1”, “arg2”, …etc

Thank you. The ad hoc do works great for running with parameters.

How about if I want to debug the script that I am passing parameters to?

Is there an ad hoc debug?


I suppose you could create a temp script that invokes your other script with the appropriate arguments. You could then do an option+run selection or run script to activate the debugger, but all breakpoints and pausescript commands are ignored if you run a script through the AHDB. This was intentional by design but could change in the future.

I had thought of the script running a script, but it seems a bit more complicated than it s/b.

I request an enhancement for a future Eggplant version to provide a way to Run/Debug a script with arguments.

I picture this as being an item on the Run menu, maybe named “Run with …” which would bring up a dialog to hold command line arguments to my script.

Thanks for your help!