OSXvnc-server not responding error. Want to use ARD ...


I am very new to using VNC. I need to be able to remote control my Grandmothers old iMac and I had originally set up Vine Server on it.

I have since had to set up VNC on my fathers G4 and had used Apple’s built in server via System Preferences -> Sharing and was successful in remote accessing his G4.

Back to the iMac and yesterday I deleted Vine Server and enabled ARD as it ‘seemed simpler’ for me. By using a IBM laptop with a built in wireless modem, I tried using a Windows VNC client to connect to the iMac. It would see the server and asked for the password but it continually rejected the password - even though it was correct.

I then looked in the Activity Monitor app and noticed that i had a process showing in red - "OSXvnc-server (Not Responding).

Is this process still part of Vine Server and not ARD and can I go back to using just ARD?

I have set up port forwarding for ports 5500,5800,5900 on the Linksys AM300 ADSL modem as per www. portforward.com but are now at a loss as to why I can’t get this to work?

Any help would be appreciated.


You apparently (and rightfully) set up Vine Server to be a system level process, or daemon which was launched at boot time and is available to all users of your system. Use Activity Monitor to select and kill the non-responding OSXvnc (which may not work when ARD is activated, struggling to grab resources like port 5900 simultaneously.)

To permanently remove the FREE Vine Server, you should launch the Vine Server, then select Startup -> Stop System Server. You will be asked for an adminstrator’s password. Enter it, and press return. The Vine Server (OSXvnc) will not longer be installed to start up as a system level server. You should be good to go. Here’s a link for OSXvnc Vine Server just in case you need it.


Todd - Thank you very much. I should have thought of that myself. Is there any chance of being able to do this remotely?

If I have deleted and permanently trashed the Vine Server app, would it still be holding the password I set up initially? I’m just thinking that I could probably have my Grandmother disable Tigers built in server, if then Vine Server would operate as normal and not be in conflict with ARD? Or, would I need to reinstall Vine Server and reconfigure?

I do appreciate your response.


If you removed Vine Server already, then the Vine Server startup option during boot shouldn’t be working and thus not conflicting with your ARD configuration. I would reinstall Vine Server (OSXvnc) on her machine and see about doing a clean uninstall (turning off the service first, then removing the application). Other than this, I see no reason ARD shouldn’t be working. Remember to turn ARD back on when you are doing with:

System Preferences -> Sharing -> Services

This is all you should have to do to get ARD back up and running, I just tested it here without a problem on two mac systems.

Actually, when you install it as a service it copies resources into /Library/StartupItems/OSXvnc. If you don’t want to run Vine Server then feel free to remove that directory.

Just a note, Vine Server is setup to work much better with Vine Viewer (and other VNC clients) than Apple’s ARD. In particular the clipboard interaction on ARD does not allow rich data to be transfered and isn’t particularly stable. But feel free to work with whatever you prefer.