OSX VNC 1.61 Screen Refresh problem


I am using OSX VNC 1.61 server with Tiger, and a Windows VNC client (Tight VNC).

I experience frequent VNC client screen “freezes”. (This usually happens when I try to highlight a word, or open up a new OSX application remotely.)

Then, I have to either minimize and maximize the VNC client window (or request an explicit screen refresh from the client’s pop-up menu). Very frustrating…

OSX VNC does not seem to provide different options for screen refresh, or does it?

Any suggestions?



Have you explored ForceScreenRefresh? Page 170 of the Eggplant Reference Manual mentions this.

If it works, the next thing I would do is get a VNC Server from a different vendor. Or you may find some settings on your VNC Server side concerning screen updates or refresh that you can tweak.

I use a product called RealVNC I don’t have the problem you describe.

First off, please make sure that you are actually connected to OSXvnc and not to the built in ARD server.

You can verify by checking the OSXvnc log and seeing that the client is connected and then go ahead and forward the log to us so we can see if there is anything notable in there.

OSXvnc (and all VNC servers) only send updates when requested by the client. So using the client to request a fresh screen is the appropriate action.


I use a product called RealVNC I don’t have the problem you describe.

Replacing the TightVNC client with the RealVNC one solved the problem. Many thanks!