OSX n00b requesting a "ScreenShare" walkthrough

This software is amazing! And handles like a charm. :wink:

I’ve once had two simultaneous mac’s running OSX 10.5.8 and vine 3.0 build 1016 (on same LAN) able to share screens.

Heh, now after configuring each host towards what I thought would be the lowest security settings, (no password auth. [each host]) I am now NOT able to share screens; the program waits on “communicating to XYZ” with no answer. This is however after I’ve set up with no password auth. Reverting to the previous configuration does not remedy the shareing issues.

After restarting both hosts’ vine/system servers, and trying to lower everything down to allow a bare-bones connection (within vine), I can not get any screen shareing. The hosts DO connect to each other, as reflected in the server panel.

Could I please get a walk-through, or a step by step best practices to just launch and connect? A stripped down version that allows one to just connect and share, and then one could get into the robust functionality later.



I’m not sure what you are using to connect. It works well with Vine Viewer.

When you say you reverted to your earlier configuration, did that include reconfiguring the System Server (if you are running that) from the Server->System Server menu?