OSVNC browser viewer?

Need help and relatively new to vnc; I am running a G4 machine with OS10.3 panther over a cable DSL line.
I’m wanting to connect to my work G5 also running OS10.3.
I have successfully (I think) port-forwarded the router at work since I am able to use www.gotomyvnc.com and it is accepting port 5900.
btw, I’m using cotvnc for my client.

Now to my question; once I’m home and I running the connection, I’m not getting the browser window or java window that allows me to see my desktop? what am I missing or doing wrong?
thanks for any help.

Are you using the correct IP address to connect to (WAN/public IP address of your router)?

Provided that you configured your router correctly the only other thing that comes to mind is OSX’s internal firewall. You might want to configure the firewall to NOT block VNC (System Preferences >> Sharing >> Firewall). You can add VNC if you click on “New”. Now, select Other from the drop down list box. Next, enter VNC as the description and the appropriate ports for OSXvnc.

OSXvnc does not have an embedded web server or Java Viewer.

For a complete description and some options please chech the FAQ:


Thanks for the help guys, I’m up and running! once I set my sharing and firewall up the window came up and i was able to see my remote screen.