OS9 and OSX

I’m trying to connect to an os9 computer with an osx computer. os9 computer is running vine’s vnc server. I have tried multiple vnc clients to connect including vine’s, but still no luck. Is this possible?

Ensure your firewalls are opened or using port forwarding, and also ensure that any password protection set on the VNC Server side for Mac OS 9 is known and used on the OS X VNC Client.

What is the connection error you are being given?

I installed vine’s vnc os9 server with default settings meaning port 5900 and no password. Port scan and ping to my address im trying is good. I’m VPNing into where I’m trying to gain access and have already successfully vnc’ed all the other computers running osx. My only trouble is the os9 computer. Chicken of VNC immediately says: The server closed the connection. Vine’s vnc viewer has the activity viewer say connection lost. When it tries to connect it shows a window size 832x624 [15], then says it was lost.