OR conditional

I want to confirm that any of 3 images show up on the SUT… would this work?

if imageFound(“CloseUpdate1” OR “CloseUpdate2” OR CloseUpdate3") then
waitforany foundImagelocation()
end if


Actually, I don’t know why I put this in an IF

Waitforany 4.0, “image1” OR “image2”

Something like that…

Hello? McFly?

Hello McFly? Somewhere there must be a DeLorean in this post…

Release Notes for Eggplant 4.x

Because every Eggplant command and function that deals with images can now accept image collections and image lists, they now all have the functionality that was previously associated with the “Any” commands and functions (ClickAny, AnyImageFound(), etc.). For this reason, the “Any” form of those commands and functions are now considered to be obsolete: instead of using ClickAny, for instance, you can simply use Click and provide as many image descriptor parameters as needed.

WaitFor aTime, imageList...

Behavior: Halts the next line of script execution until any one of the image parameters is found in the Remote Display. If no image is found in the maximum wait time, an exception is thrown.