Optimum Settings For VNC and Adderlink

Hey all,

I’m trying to fix the redraw rate on the eggplant viewer. It’s horrible. We have just dealt with it in the past as we had no need for in between actions recording. Now we need this capability.

Now before I start. I’ve have connected to the Adderlink via a RealVNC client that can be installed via the hardware itself. The redraw rate is awesome as any VNC connection should usually be nowadays. So it’s not the settings on the Adderlink.

So I have the colors all the way down on Eggplants Viewer. 256 Colors. I have the redraw rate to fast and I only have the “RAW” VNC encoding enabled.

What are the optimum settings for the least amount of lag. Again I state this is not an issue with the Adderlink.

Please help!

First. You definitely dont want RAW encoding. That means that no compression is being done which will definitely be slow. I recommend ZRLE.

I should also note that the built in RealVNC client uses proprietary, unpublished encodings that are not available to eggPlant. So there could be an issue with the Adder that only shows up with the public encodings. ( but we should be able to get you a decent refresh rate ).

If turning ZLRE on doesnt improve things for you then It would help if you clarified exactly where you see poor refresh rates. Is it during script runs? Live mode? Or both? Is it only bad when big areas of the sceen change or do even very small updates take a long time?

Raw encoding is checked and grayed out. Always is. Even when we select other encodings. Is it not supposed to be like that? Should I be able to uncheck that option? I think all the machines do that.

Small changes do not seem to be affected. It’s when big things that change it’s like a waterfall of redraw.

You are correct that Raw encoding is always enabled (as a fall back). The proper thing is to ENABLE one of the faster encodings, like Z-RLE and see if that improves your speed.