Opening the file

How to open the recently downloaded file in chrome from folder(File Explorer) ?

Hey Darko,
Where do you want to open the file? On the SUT or on the machine that runs EPF?
Did you download the file within a test case if so.
Is it a text file and what do mean by open?

  • Read the text file into EPF?
  • run an executable?


Hi Karsten,

Here is my requirement-

I will download the .Ica file from Citrix VDI (and it will get saved in downloads folder by default).
I want to go inside that folder and open the .Ica file (once i open, it will automatically open in chrome).

  • How to configure this in SenseTalk Scripting (EPF) ?

Kind Regards,

Hey Darko,
Sorry for the late reply.
Seems you are connecting to a citrix server within your SUT.
We are able to connect to Citrix as a SUT. Check out this one. In case you’d like to get more details about it. Kindly ask you to reach out to your account manager or our support team.

Still not 100% sure if you download the file to the machine where Eggplant functional is hosted or on the SUT.
For Eggplant functional host: You can use these commands File Properties

For SUT:

  1. open cmd or powershell
  2. navigate to the folder via entering cd c:\USER\Downloads
  3. enter dir “\search term*” /s
  4. open the top file of the list

or Open the downloads windows in the browser and click the .ica file in that list
or open the file explorer navigate to the downloads folder, sort the files by date and click the first item


Thanks man.
Hopefully it works!

Hi Karsten,

I have another query related to Email OTP reading.
I am currently working on Web Application project that requires me to read OTPs from emails.
My requirement is when creating a new account (I will provide Name, DOB, Sex and Email) for confirming the authenticity a 5-digit OTP will be sent to the registered email.
I want that OTP to be read automatically in Sensetalk script and place it in the corresponding field.

I have some basic knowledge of scripting, but I am not very familiar with the commands and methods needed to extract OTPs from emails.

I was wondering if you could help me in this regard by sharing your expertise and experience with scripting to read OTP from emails.