One script two interactive connections

I am evaluating Eggplant 4.01 (1101) and have been very impressed.
I have searched the forum and have not seen this question asked.
I would like to know if I can create an Eggplant script which will:

open two connections to two separate machines
interact with machine 1
switch to machine 2 and observe result from interaction with machine 1

I thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
Tom Sgro

The answer is most definitely yes, by using the Eggplant Connect command.

set count to 20
set soLong to 10 seconds
repeat count times
	Connect vSUT1  -- connect to a named SUT
	ObserveFor soLong
	set FirstSUTResults to the result
	Connect ""  -- connect with IP address
	ObserveFor soLong
	PostComparisonOfResults FirstSUTResults, the result
end repeat

This is just an example, not tested, not guarenteed to work in your situation. But the idea is there, with the Eggplant command “Connect” you can make SUT connection switches happen very easily.

Thanks for your help I will give it a try.

Just a note, I modified the pseudo code above since currently (but maybe we will in the future) we don’t have the “repeat for time interval” construct. In my enthusiasm, I included it where it doesn’t exist yet. For now, just do a loop count and delay time as modified above.