ODBC connection error

STDatabaseConnectionError Failed to connect to ODBC database odbc:14 Reason: [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver]Prompting is not supported on this platform. Please provide all required connect information., SQLSTATE=HY000

server is set to the hostname of the database
port is 3306
user and password are both correct

What else needs to be done to acquire a connection to the database?


Hi ag,

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this particular error and internet searches don’t seem to be turning up much (though other people have seen the same problem as you).

What SenseTalk are you using to initiate the connection? How is your ODBC driver configured?


set myDB to (type: “odbc”, DSN: “staging”, user: “username”, password: “password”)

open database myDB

set myTable to table “tableFromDB” of myDB

set myRecords to the records of myTable

log myRecords

// This code was my best attempt at verifying a connection using the examples in eggPlant documentation.

// Using ODBC Administrator, I’ve tried both 5.3 Unicode and 5.3 ANSI drivers with SERVER, PORT (3306), USER and PASSWORD variables set.