Obtaining WindowsTIG

Hey everyone. I hope this isn’t too annoying a question. I tried searching the forum before posting of course, but was unable to find my answer. I’m simply trying to obtain the WindowsTIG, and the link seems to be redirecting…


Any suggestions?

The windows TIG is also in your downloaded Eggplant.dmg file under System-under-test Utilities

Thanks for pointing that out. The link on the download page has been fixed so you can download it independently again.

Not really a pro here on the TIG stuff and after wandering many posts I still find myself a little lost. I’m on Windows XP using the VNC to tap into another computer running XP. I want to use the TIG functionality to detect text on the SUT under different fonts stored within the computer running eggPlant. I know I have to change my TIG to Windows XP, but all I see are GenericOCR and WindowsClassic. Must I download the XP specific TIG or is this something the computer should already have itself?

You can download the TIG for Windows from our [u]downloads page[/u].

The WindowsClassic platform will work well for much of Windows XP, but you can copy it to create a Windows XP platform and create text styles to match your XP display settings.

Thanks Jonathan. And just to clarify, computers don’t normally have TIG’s built in already, correct? And lastly, this gets downloaded on the SUT right?

That is correct. The Text-Image-Generator is something we’ve written (or customers have written for special environments) and should typically be installed on the SUT.

If your execution machine is identical to the SUT you could install it locally if necessary (ie- because the SUT can be modified) but we recommend having it on the SUT to ensure that changes (eg new Font, new Text settings) are always applied.

Should the IME be changed to a specific language for the TIG to work properly? For example if I want to detect Russian text, should my IME be changed to Russian for the TIG to function correctly? Or should it not matter at all? I have install in foreign languages packs to the SUT.

You don’t need to change any IME or input settings for the TIG to work but the text does need to be generated by the machine that the TIG is running on, so for something like Korean you will definitely want language packs installed.