Numeric index of lists

is there a way to numerically index lists other than

item n of myList

We have a case where we have a list of property lists and it would be much cleaner to do



the myProperty of item n of myList

An alternative is:

set myItem to item n of myList

But this isn't much cleaner and causes unnecessary variable use. Can anyone advise if it is possible to reference a list numerically without using the "item n of list" syntax?

So you have a list of property lists? You can say:
put (item n of myList).myProperty
If you're iterating over the list you can do this:
repeat with each item of myList
     put it.myProperty
end repeat
But there's no shorter syntax for referencing an item in a list.
Thanks for the response. (item n of myList).myProperty is pretty close to what i was looking for. Never knew you could do that.

Thanks again!