Now, if we could just get rid of brushed metal...

Any chance we can move up to the unified look in the next update?

Possibly, although I have to say that despite the over-abundance of brushed metal windows I personally dislike the unified look. Maybe it’s just because of Mail. Also the metal helps distinguish the bottom of the toolbar from the top of the remote display (if the remote display is a MAC with a white menu along the top) and give the impression that you are viewing a physical monitor.

Anyhow, we might make it a preference but I’m not sure that’ll hit the top of the feature request list.

If you REALLY want to change the brushed metal look you can manually change the interface files yourself by using “InterfaceBuilder” on the ConnectionPanel.nib file that is located inside the app. That may seem like a lot but I personally do this to other apps whose window behavior isn’t quite to my liking.

Ahhhh, much better (at least to my way of thinking).