Not able to get all available images in a SearchRectangle

can anybody tell me is there any way that i can find all images present in a searchRectangle and store in some list at runtime. I tried some other suggestions capturedRectangle but it says this command not available in Eggplant. Tried capturedScreen as well but then when using ImageLocationList, it again says same error.
Kindly help. I’m new to this tool and looking for hepl.


Hi Shalu,

I think the solution comes down to defining your needs

Find all images present and store in some list

  • Does find all images present mean finding all of the occurrences of a specific image? For example, you previously captured the image of a radio button and named it RadioButton.
  • Does storing in a list mean storing the coordinates of each location where it was found on the within a portion of the screen? For example, you stored the coordinates of your SearchRectangle in a variable called mySearchRectangle and want to return the coordinates of each found image?

In this case, the code would be
put EveryImageLocation(image:"RadioButton",SearchRectangle:mySearchRectangle) into myListOfLocations

Find all images present and store in some list

  • Does find all images present mean finding everything in a rectangle that could be an image? For example, you don’t know what the images will look like in advance. In this case, that functionality does not currently exist in Eggplant Functional. We can look for all instances of a particular image, but we need a reference image against which to compare it.

  • Does storing in a list mean creating files in your Images folder? In this case, we can do something similar based on EveryImageRectangle and CaptureScreen. More on that function and that command can be found here: Image and OCR Searches | EPF Docs and here: Results and Reporting | EPF Docs

Hope this helps,