no password file?

hey, i just caught an intruder on my system, i had assumed that the password i wrote on the general preferences panel of OSXVNC had been compromised, but looking at the logs i see:
2006-12-06 20:33:36.588 OSXvnc-server[264] Note: No password file specified, running with no authentication

huh? what about the password that is specified in the prefs? what about the user password? what happened here? :?:

If you configure a “System Server” from the Startup panel it will take your current settings. If you haven’t specified a password then one will not be set-up for the System Server. You can reconfigure that at any time by hitting that button again once you HAVE specified a password.

mm? i had done so… i guess i don’t know what you mean. i had entered a password in the appropriate box on the pref panel…? and wouldn’t current settings mean user name + password?
sorry, i’m a little confused, i thought it was safely set up and i see some folks with overseas ip addresses have been looking at my home machine.

When you configure a System Server it copies the settings (including password) at the time you hit that button. So setting a VNC password later does not change the one for the System Server. It doesn’t copy a user name at all because the system server shows whatever is displayed on the primary display that is plugged in (regardless of which account is logged in or the log-in menu if nobody is logged in).

I wanted to make sure so I just did a check here, it does seem to be copying over the password to the System Server properly if one is specified when you hit “Start System Server” and it does start up with that password.

Try hitting “Start System Server” again, now that you are sure that the password has been specified. Then look at that same log to see if it’s launching properly.

i think so, it’s starting without that notice.

by “start system server” you mean the button that says “start server” right?

There is a “Start System Server” on the “Startup” Tab.

I don’t know for sure if you have created a System Server or not (if the Stop System Server is enabled then you have).

I think in future releases we will have the Server ask for confirmation before launching without authentication to avoid any future accidents.

We’re sorry to see that something like that happened.

yes that was what i was using, the startup item system startup.

yeah, it was actually pretty bad, they opened firefox and i had no master password set so they opened preferences and could see all stored passwords.
i had to do the paypal/bank runaround and would never have known how it happened if i had not been there at a second time to see someone access it and read the logs.