New User: Can't Control XP From MAC

Hello everyone,
I have just starting using Vine, I download the trial version a couple a days a go it work fine the first day since then I can connect to my XP machine. but I have no control of anything, I am in live mode. is this because I haven’t purchased a full copy or am I doing something else wrong. Also on the PC I am using TightVNC Server and Viewer. Thank You.

There are no restrictions on the trial version other than how long the license key is valid for.

I believe TightVNC has a feature where one password provides control and another password provides “view only”. Please make sure you aren’t connecting using the “view only” password.

Well Thank You Jonathan yes tightvnc does have that feature actual they call it Primary Password and View only Password. Maybe they should change that to live password and view only password. just a thought. now that I wasted two days of trial with Vine on something so simple. Thanks for your help again I will be back…

Unselecting the view-only password doesn’t persist for me. I also am having trouble not being able to select anything on my SUT when I’m in live mode. I go to the properties of TightVNC and remove the view only password, but the change doesn’t persist. Can anyone provide some help?


It’s probably not a question of removing the “view only” password on the server. It’s a question of instead entering the “full control” password into your Eggplant preferences. If you don’t recall what it is just reset it and then connect with THAT password.

Bingo, thank goodness.