Need to check number for decimal precision

Is there the ability in Eggplant to check a number for precision format?

So in my scenario I open a file in an editor, copy the data I want, paste it via the remoteClipboard into a variable. At this point I would like to verify the precision of the number. So if I have a number that has a format of 12.4f, I want to verify that the total length of the value is not longer than 12 digits and that the decimal portion is exactly 4 digits.

I have not seen any examples to do this nor can I find any ability in Eggplant to do this. I can get the total length by using the length function but I can’t seem to figure out how to check the decimal portion of the number.


Hi paisak,
eggplants Sensetalk supports regular expression
but you also can use its pattern language, what is more readable.
put <1 to 8 digits, “.”, 4 digits> matches yourVal

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Thanks so much Gamma! I got my 12.4f example above to work by implementing the following:

if <1 to 6 digits, “.”, 4 digits> matches myVar then
LogSuccess “Precision is correct”
LogError “Precision is NOT correct”

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Hi paisak,
why not using ‘assert’ to get the same in one line:
assert <1 to 6 digits, “.”, 4 digits> matches myVar with error “Precision is correct”

That worked. Thanks again! That will get rid of a ton of lines too.

Having problems again with this issue when dealing with negative numbers. So I tried the following and it did not work:

assert <1 to 6 digits, “.” 4 digits> matches negative myVar with error “Precision is correct” and for my example the number I am dealing with is -0.000000 and so it complains that my pattern is not equal to 0. I just want my 1 to 6 digits to be signed. I also tried using signed in the 1 to 6 digits section and I can’t get the format right.

Edit: there probably is no number such as -0.000000 but I have to deal with it here. I even added a positive or negative in front of the 1 to 6 digits and it still complains that the pattern does not match -0.000000 even though it does. If the negative number is non-zero then the “matches negative” works fine only.

Any ideas?

Hi paisak, the match operator knows this:" maybe a …", so your issue can be handled with assert <maybe a “-”, 1 to 6 digits, “.” 4 digits>