Need Suggestion on Themes based

can anyone suggest how to organise way to test when Themes involved. I captured & ran test based on one theme,now theme has been changed. Now,not able to recognised any image captured due to color changes.There are more than 25 themes available.
I dont want to do "Add representation ".Anyother way to make it simpler ?Thanks in Advance

Even if you don’t do “Add Representation”, you’re probably going to have to capture alternate versions of the images. If it’s just a color change, you might be able to get some matches by increasing the tolerance on the images.

It’s also possible to write a script that uses the image info on each image to capture the duplicates for you. You could write a script that overrides the Click, DoubleClick, MoveTo commands, perhaps even ImageFound, so that if the image is not found, it recaptures the area of the screen where the image was originally captured. You would capture all the images, then load up the new theme, and run your scripts using the overridden methods to recapture the themed images. Then when you wanted to run the scripts for testing, you’d remove the method overrides.

Yeah im going to have a similar problem with Windows xp/7 changes, i pretty much planned on re cataloging all of the images and carrying over the scripts and having two sets so i can meet requirements in XP and 7.

so far i have gotten the software to do everything from custom logging, XML, and writing into excel to fill out a 400 page test document. I think this is the one thing that this software cant do. Minor loss in my opinion, but if you have 25 different styles it changes the captured picture, and the pictures pretty much drive the software.

You can try using locations also, i have not tried that yet but if the tests are repeatable, and everything stays in place it should work just as well as pictures.

If you were to run a theme test with a human tester, what kind of errors would they be looking for?

Thanks for all replies guys

Matt ,I like your ideas.can you provide me a simple sample code example to start with.

I’m working on a sample script, but it’s going to take me a couple of days to put together.

No probs Matt.Let me know once you have done

You are looking to have one run of a script work for when themes are changed on the SUT. At least that is my understanding.

  1. Develop a script that works.
  2. Then write a script that at any time an image command is referenced collect the image that should be there (theme changed) and store it as an element of that new theme.
  3. Run your original script against your SUT with the alternative theme image set.
  4. Repeat for N themes.

As for what you are going to discover when running against other themes, it is my guess in the requirements process someone got a bug up dress and decided that some type of added value was given if theme verification existed. I’m not sure there is real value in this process. Theme is at the system level, and if this is an application developed by 3rd party, there should be no added alternative functionality found when testing alternative themes.

My plan is the same as 4 steps you mentioned.

Currently i have all my scripts which is running neatly with one of the themes where i captured all my images.

Now,my product is going to drop out the theme and adding a new theme henceforth .so,I in need write a Script to re-capture it with the new images instead manually capturing all the images again.
Yes.I understand there is no logic behind testing different themes,since goal is to test functionality not themes.

You mentioned in step2 ,the way to do it.Can you guide me with a sample would be much helpful.

Thanks in Advance

It took a while to create and debug, but I’m attaching a script that overrides the basic eggPlant commands so that they will cause the referenced image(s) to be turned into a collection and a copy captured using a user defined suffix. To use it, you’ll put the command

start using CaptureOverrides

at the beginning of the script whose images you want to recapture. Before the first image is recaptured, the override script will prompt you for the suffix that you want to apply to the images of your theme (for example, “_blue”, “_red”, or “_ocean”); that suffix will be applied to all subsequent images that are recaptured during that script run. The script is unlikely to handle every possible scenario, but it does check to see if the collection already exists and it won’t create duplicate images if the same image is used multiple times. It overrides the ImageFound() function, but if you want any other functions to be included, you’ll need to add them to the script using the ImageFound override as an example.

So you’ll create your scripts using a default theme, then change the theme, add the “start using” command to those scripts and run them to recapture the images using the new theme. Once you’ve done that and the images have been recaptured, you can remove the “start using” command from the scripts for normal operation.

Hope this helps. If you make any modifications or fixes to the script, please let us know and post your version back to the forums. Thanks.

Thanks Matt for all your effort.Let me update you once, i do some basic R&D on tht.