Need SMTP Configuration for IBM Notes 9/Microsoft Outlook.

Seems the SMTP configuration is wrong for sending an email. Please provide us the SMTP for both IBM Notes 9 or Microsoft Outlook.

The syntax we used was:
SendMail (to:"", from:"", body:“Hi”)

we encountered:
Exception: sendmail Failed (see console for details).
Selection Failed in 0:00:30 Error Running Script Command sendmail Error - sendmail Failed (see console for details).

IBM Notes 9 uses LDAP configuration. Can that be configured to SMTP and used to send an email?

No, you can’t use LDAP through eggPlant Functional or Manager. It’s really not possible for us to tell you how to configure your email settings because they are entirely dependent on the settings used by your mail server. We have no way of knowing the configuration of your mail server, and if you could tell us enough for us to tell you the correct configuration, you would already have all the information you need to configure it yourself. We know that the SendMail command works when it is properly configured. It is however possible for mail server configurations to exist that we cannot send mail through.