Need Help with Commands used for Mobile phones

I am new user and looking for some commands:

  1. Close all browser if opened (android or apple)
  2. start a browser
  3. enter url and navigate to website

I looked for help in tutorial and document section and could not find it. I might be looking in wrong place. I see documents more for desktop testing then mobile.


There are no individual commands to perform these actions. You will need to script the same actions that a user would perform to complete these actions. So closing a browser would perhaps be pressing the home button. Opening a browser would be tapping the icon for the browser app. Entering a URL would be tapping the URL field and using the TypeText command to enter the URL.

For the Android device:
if you want to start google chrome browser and close it, you can do following:
(* Start google chrome browser*)
LaunchApp “”

(* Close the google chrome browser *)
KillApp “”

I believe use those commands you can start and close any browsers you want to.

For the iOS device you can also use LaunchApp and KillApp to start/close any browsers