Need help to set up eggplant bot to run daily at a specific time

I am trying to automate a process using eggplant, and I have written the scripts in eggplant functional. I am looking for a way to set up this bot to run daily at a specific time with no manual intervention.

If it is achievable using Eggplant DAI, then please help me set up this.

Is there any documentation or tutorial where I can get help to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

This could be achieved most easily using Eggplant Manager if that is a product for which you are licensed and have installed.
It can also been done in DAI, albeit with a little more effort.

Hope this helps.

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Yes, I veto what Dave is saying and its much easier with Eggplant Manager.

You can do with Jenkins

When I am running a test from Eggplant Manager, it’s giving the status ‘Exceeded ePF Licenses - Not enough eggPlant Functional licenses to run’.

I have Installed the Eggplant manager on my laptop and configured the SUT machine inside the Virtual box on the same computer. In Eggplant manager GUI, I have configured the Agent, SUT, Appliances, Access Group and repository and uploaded the Script file. I have checked the agent status and it is showing ‘Online’.

I am not sure where It is going wrong and still have a lot of confusion because:

  1. I have the script and tested it on the same SUT (Virtual box) machine from Eggplant functional. Connection type I used to connect with that SUT machine is Web Driver type in Eggplant functional. The confusion is when I configured the SUT machine in Eggplant manager; I used the connection type as RDP. Is this a problem? I tried to connect using TCP, but in this case I got the status as 'Timed Out’.

  2. I have checked the licenses in Eggplant functional and found one development and 1 execution license. Then why I’m getting this status ‘Not enough eggPlant Functional licenses to run’?

  3. Can I see the real time execution after I triggered?

  4. Which connection type should I use? If my SUT machine is in Virtual box and connection type used as Web driver while running my test from Eggplant functional.

Thanking you all in advance.

Hello Ravi

Can you elaborate on how you have managed to set up Jenkins and Eggplant?

Are you able to do a quick write-up as an answer as that will help other users of the forum ?

Thank you

Hello Neel,

You can use refer


In addition to the solutions already proposed, you can also configure Eggplant Functional to run via the command line. See the link to the documentation below:

A Windows Scheduled Task or Cron job in Linux can be kicked off to run the Eggplant Functional tests via the runscript command. This solution does not require Eggplant Manager but would require additional licenses of Eggplant Functional if you intend on running multiple tests simultaneously.

I have occasionally run into issues in which ePM cannot “see” my RLM license server and I have to add -licenserhost as an argument in my test. You can read more about that argument here:

Thanks Dave.

I am able to set up my eggplant solution to run daily at a specific time using Eggplant manager.