Need help identifying a font

I have been writing test cases against a new product that my company is developing. I developed the test cases on an Windows XP machine & am now in the process of getting the test cases running on Vista.

The code that I wrote to click on the required menu items (see below) works on Win XP but not Vista. Since the menu items can change I created a function that takes in the path to menu item as a parameter & uses a TextImage to click on the appropriate items.

On Win XP the font used in the menu item is Tahoma 8 but that doesn’t seem to work on Vista. The OCR software (ScreenOCR) that I am using says that the font in the menu on Vista is Courier New 14 but it doesn’t look anything like Courier New.

Does anyone know what font this might be? More importantly does anyone know a good way for me to determine the font that Eggplant expects in a particular TextImage? I have run into the situation a couple of times now where the font that the OCR software identifies is not the font that Eggplant wants. Having some way to know exactly what font Eggplant is expecting would be very helpful. Thanks

The default font in the Vista interface is Segoe UI. You won’t see it in the list of fonts in the Text Image panel, but you can type it in the combo box and you can add styles that specify it in the Text preference panel.

If the fonts being used by an app are not system default fonts, then the best way to determine what they are is to ask development what they specified. This should be made part of the deliverable when they hand stuff over to test.

ScreenOCR works sometimes and there’s nothing else we’ve found that does what ScreenOCR does, but it’s still not a great tool.


Thanks for the reminder about Segoe UI that seems to be the font, at least so far. In response to your other suggestion I would love to ask the developers what the font is, unfortunately they have no idea. I asked them the very same question when I first got the assignment & they didn’t know. They pointed me to an XML file that supposedly defined the various styles but I believe that it said menus were in Arial.

It would be awesome if Eggplant has some sort of magnifying glass for fonts like it does for colors. It would make things so much easier.

Thanks again.

Does the Windows XP version of your company’s software also include the background gradation? It looks like the menu’s background color transitions from black on the left to gray on the right. This might be throwing the image match off, regardless of the typeface used.

If the menu background can change color based on the cursor/mouse position (e.g., solid blue with white text), perhaps you can use that type of image to make the menu selection?