My SUT is a distributed system. It would be amazing to run multiple functions at once on different PC’s. For example, instead of my current way of starting my program:

connect “F1”
Click “Start Button”
Click “My Program”
connect “F2”
Click “Start Button”
Click "My Program
connect “F3”
Click “Start Button”
Click "My Program

I could so somethiing like

//wait for all threads to complete…

Of course, this example is too simple for you to see the time being saved. Launching my program takes a minute, so to do it on all 3 pc’s it takes 3 minutes. If Eggplant could multithread its scripts, I could launch the program on all 3 pc’s at once in one minute.


This would be the equivalent of running 3 concurrent licenses. In fact, if you had a couple of execution licenses, you could have pretty close to this exact behavior today. Please contact your salesperson if you’re interested in pursuing this option.

Is there a thought to add multi-threading support to SenseTalk scripting?

It would be very nice to be able to start a lengthy file copy/move operation across the network in one thread while unzipping and comparing files in other threads.

I am sure this would be very useful in other situations also. I just haven’t encountered them yet.

It’s certainly been considered, but right now it doesn’t have particularly high priority because of complexity with VNC and simultaneous transactions.

What might be more likely is to allow certain commands to be run “asynchronously”, that will call back to a trigger when they finish.

Would such a feature to be useful to you? What commands would you want to see it with?