multiple values query per line in CSV

Fairly new to Eggplant and have a problem I can’t solve. Should be a simple solution for you folks

I have a csv files that can have ~30,000 lines of data. These are logs files that I have transitioned to csv files.

I have multiple values in a Property Line (myValues) that needs to be included in my search for each line. I pull these queries to populate (myValues) from an Excel Workbook that could have 100’s of worksheets and each worksheet will be one query. I have this part, no problem, just giving y’all background

The number of values for each worksheet (query) is variable; therefore, the query needs to be dynamic based on the number of values in the Property List (myValues). So, I would expect the query to look something like

if MyLine contains myValues then


if MyLine contains value1 AND MyLine contains value2 AND MyLine contains value3 then

return the Row, Column, Position etc of each of myValues

End if

Note: there will be multiple lines in the CSV that contains these n number of query values so I’d like to insert all instances in a property list (resultsPL) and then I’ll write the Results Property Lists (resultsPL) back to the Excel Spreadsheet that I obtained the Values to query for stated above.

I know how to do all mentioned except the multiple values query per line.

Thanks for any help in advance and I hope everyone is safe in Eggplant Land


repeat with CurrentEntry equals each item of MyData
Set FoundIt to True
repeat with each item of Values
if CurrentEntry doesn’t contain it then set FoundIt to False
end repeat
If FoundIt is true
log the occurrence of <"Imp condition: Info Id: " then chars then “;”> in CurrentEntry
End If
end repeat