Multiple sessions on one machine and how to hide dock icon

Hi All,

I have a remote machine that has three users on it.

One user is my admin account which is hosting a database and stays logged in continually. The other two are logged in alternately.

I have one system server running so i can see the log-in window if necessary and then a separate session running as a startup item in each accountant.

This all works well as before when i had one system server i would loose control when different accountants were logging in & out

My only question is how can i hide the dock icon? This is generated by the startup session on each account but it would be great to make it invisible. I already have the Hide option enabled in login items

Many Thanx

Vine Server doesn’t have an option to hide the dock icon at this time. We have talked about putting a notification area up in the menu-bar instead but at this time it just doesn’t offer that feature.