Multiple itemDelimiter in a single script


I would just like to confirm if it is possible to use multiple “Set the itemDelimiter to” command in single script? I tried it and I am getting this error:

Invalid Property Cannot set global property ‘ITEMDELIMETER’

Here’s my script:

Put file "c:/eggPlantProperties.txt" into filepath
Set the itemdelimiter to "="
Put item 2 of line 15 of filepath into OpenVPN
Put item 2 of line 14 of filepath into Server
Put item 2 of line 11 of filepath into User
Put item 2 of line 10 of filepath into Password
Put item 2 of line 8 of filepath into LoginType

Put Server into Temp1
Set the itemdelimiter to "/"
Put item 2 of Temp1 into Temp2
Set the itemdelimeter to "."
Put item 1 of Temp into ISOServer
Log ISOServer

Please advise. Thanks.

There’s no problem with setting the itemDelimiter as many times as you like. The problem here is that you’ve misspelled it the third time.

You can also specify a delimiter directly in an item expression without setting the itemDelimiter. So the last part of your script could be simplified like this:

put item 1 delimited by "." of item 2 delimited by "/' of Server into ISOServer