multiple desktops

How do you get the vine server to create multiple desk tops? I see hints of it in these forums, but all the links are broken and just lead me to the top of the vine support page.

Hi Westgate.

This is possible by enabling fast user switching. There is comprehensive documentation of how to do this on page 6 of the Vine Server Manual

I hope this helps and thanks for using eggPlant.

this isn’t quite what I want. I’d like to run a server that doesn’t display the main screen. Is there a way to connect to a virtual display ? I know on a linux box I could start a server that has it’s own display that has nothing to do with the monitor that is attached to the box.

what I’m trying to accomplish is two people using the mac mini at the same time doing different things.

Hi Westgate.

You can install something called a Virtual Machine (VM) on your Mac Mini. This allows you to replicate a physical machine using software. eggPlant treats and connects to this like it would any other physical machine.

I use something called VirtualBox installed on my MacBook Pro which allows me to create several VM’s and have them running concurrently. Each instance is assigned its own IP address and can be treated independently from your Mac Mini. Below I have provided a link to the VirtualBox website, and a link to download Ubuntu from;

There is no need to install a VNC server on a Ubuntu VM as it has a built in VNC server.

I hope this helps and thanks for using eggPlant!

Vine Server does not create User Sessions, it only shares existing ones.

To create a User Session on the mac you actually need to log in. Once that’s done you can run Vine Server in User Mode to access the session even if you switch the Main Console back to another user, or the login screen.

Other options include running VM software (as described above) or a Terminal Services program (we recommend iRAPP TS from ).