Mouse pointer issue

I’m running OSXVNC 1.71 on OSX 10.4, and connecting to it with RealVNC’s free Viewer 4.1.2 from an XP machine. Everything works fine, except that when the mouse pointer on the OSX machine (vnc server) is moved, the pointer on the VNC viewer doesn’t move. Moving the mouse on the viewer moves the server machine’s pointer as expected.

Is there a setting I’ve missed to make this work ? I really need to be able to see the OSX pointer move, as I’m supporting the Mac remotely from the XP machine.

Thanks, Geoff

RealVNC does not support that extension to the RFB protocol.

If you use TightVNC as the client then you should get proper notifications and see the cursor movements on the client.

TightVNC works perfectly - thanks for the response.