More thoughts on the IDE and GUI as Eggplant moves forward.

I have seen other people looking at the IDE of Eggplant and wishing for more tools. I too am a previous user of Eclipse and Borlands J-Builder IDEs. Both of them have several features that would make coding in Eggplant much faster.

If I were typing the name of a Script within my suite, and I put a period at the end, the IDE should bring up a popup menu with a list of all functions / handles that were within that script.

[CutPaste (Parameter 1, Parameter 2, Parameter 3)
Delete (No Parameters)
ImageCompare (Parameter 1, Parameter 2)]

I realize that the parameters are not fixed in Eggplant, but for functions that have multiple parameters, the order they are passed in is important. If they were visible to the developer at this point, they would rarely pass the parameters into the function in the wrong order.

Another thought would be to allow the call of a Function / Handle from another Suite more easily.

At the top of the Script you would put an include string.

Include Suite from {Path}

At this point you could call a function from that other Suite simply by:


This would allow for much faster coding and much more readable code.

Your first feature would be nice to have and is certainly on our list of possible features in future.

As to your second feature of including a suite, it’s already there. You can use either the Helper suite feature or add a suite or suites to the initialSuites or finalSuites. You can then refer directly to scripts, functions in those scripts, and images in those other suites without any of the path information.