Memory profiling

I can’t find any memory profiling plug-in in Eggplant GUI. Is there a way we can collect memory profiling data (e.g. handle usage, memory leak) while running the test in Eggplant?

Ai Choo

Eggplant doesn’t have any inherent features for monitoring target applications memory/cpu usage. However, since Eggplant can automate anything on your SUT what our users typically do is use freely available or system tools to snap information about the target process.

For example, profiling a Mac OS X system, you can:[list][]Launch the /Applications/Utilities/Activity[]Use the search field to enter your process name[]Highlight the process line and copy the information to the pasteboard[]Analyze the result in your script with remoteClipboard()[/list:u]
Hopefully that helps you get started with something for your AUT/SUT.