Max network errors reached


I am doing a load test using Forecast tool and for a web service script i am getting following error: network errors reached, SSL_read : error:00000005:lib(0):func(0):DH lib: Connection reset (: Connection reset) (: Connection reset)

Host name changed to XYZ

My doubt is
1)who is resetting connection, is it client or it is server. I have checked logs for web server and i am not able to see any description related to this error, so i believe this is done by client. Please correct me if i understood it wrong.

2)Run time settings are:
Max connect retries:3
Max network disconnections:5
Connect timeout(secs):30
Receive timeout(secs):120

is there anything i can change in these settings to avoid this error.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Rohit,

Without further information it is difficult to be certain about the cause of the resets. It is most likely to be the server but whether this is a result of a server error or an issue with the tests would have to be investigated further.

Forecast is now “eggPlant Performance” and recent Forecast /eggPlant Performance versions provide a user selectable choice between underlying SSL implementations. This feature has been provided because on rare occasions problems have occurred due to incompatibilities. Please try changing the HTTP and HTTPS connection handler (VU Group->Runtime Settings->Web: Options). I suggest trying WinHTTP.

Please submit a support request if the problem persists so that our technicians can resolve the problem.

Hi Gordon,
Thank you for the solution you provided for below issue. Changing connection handler to WinHTTP reduced error count by 75% but still we are seeing some errors related to connection resets “WinHttpReceiveResponse: Connection error”.

Can you please provide more bit more information what could be possible reason for same.