Mac Vine Server 3.12 connection closing while running script

I have been working with eggPlant and vine on my QA scripts, however recently I have been getting disconnected. This can occur while running a script or when connected and not doing anything or when not connected. Waiting several minutes and retrying the connection does not seem to make any difference. I am currently running 3.12 as 4 beta had the same issue but more often. I am running on 4 mac SUTs running 10.6.8. I have verified that the mac OS vnc is disabled. I currently have 2 running with System Server and 2 running as an application. Same issue across all 4.

In order for me to reconnect to the SUT once it disconnects I must ssh into the SUT and issue a ‘killall OSXvnc-server’ which then gets restarted auto-magically. The logs in /Library/Logs/VineServer.log don’t include a lot of information, however I have attached today’s logs.

First, I would encourage you to make sure you are running the latest version of eggPlant (currently 11.11), at least one issue with connections was fixed from version 11.00.

Second, you might find more information in the Console of the Eggplant system regarding the reason for the connection drop. If Eggplant is reporting any connection drops you should repost those here.