Mac SUT - RemoteClipboard() is empty after copying text

I’m attempting to copy some content onto the Mac clipboard, then get it from RemoteClipboard(). It seems like most of the time, the clipboard is empty despite having just copied some text.

The mac has vineserver 2.1. I’m using eggplant 3.3 (1085).

This is operating against an open FireFox window, though it appears to suffer from the same issue against safari.

Here’s what I’m doing:

TypeCommand “L”
TypeCommand “c”
put RemoteClipboard() into theClipboard
Log "Page URL Grabbed: " & theClipboard

I even see the Edit menu go blue for a second (indicating that a key shortcut was pressed).

Any advice on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated.

So at the advice of another thread on remote clipboards, I added a timeout parameter to the RemoteClipboard call (of 5 seconds)

This seems to help, but now I get an error thrown about 3/4 of the time:

Mon, 7/16/07 5:04:00 PM Exception
No new clipboard info retrieved within 5.00 seconds

Error Running Script Command - remoteclipboard Error -
No new clipboard info retrieved within 5.00 seconds

I suggest upgrading to Eggplant 4.0 if at all possible, which fixed some problems with clipboards such as the issues you are seeing.

If that isn’t possible for you, at least make sure you are running the latest version of Vine Server on the SUT, as it also includes some clipboard improvements over earlier versions.

Upgrading to Eggplant 4.0 isn’t possible; we haven’t yet tested it.

What is the latest Vine server, is it 2.1?

Yes, Vine Server 2.1 is the current release.


So the only solution is to upgrade to eggplant 4.0? Or do you know of any potential workarounds?

A significant amount of work went into fixing this and other problems in the remote clipboard system. No work arounds are known. Eggplant 4.0 and Vine Viewer 1.2 incorporate these fixes and changes. Please contact the Redstone Sales Group for more details on how to download and a temp evaluation key.

We already have a license agreement for Eggplant 4, we just can’t move to a new Eggplant version until we’ve validated it works for our automation, and get any required bugs blocking transition fixed.

I’ll have to find another way to get at the data I need.