mac osx 10.3 osxvnc

i have installed the vine vnc server on my mac, and i wish to then dial into it using my laptop which has windows xp. i have the realvnc viewer installed on my xp laptop but when i try and connect it just does not work. do i have to anything extra on the mac. remote desktop n firewall are off on the mac…

any help would be appreciated

If the server is running and the firewall and ARD are turned off then you should be able to connect just fine on the indicated port.

You’ll need to be using the IP Address to connect from your windows machine (as opposed to the host name).

You might make sure that you can “ping” from your VNC client machine to the Mac. (Use the command line and enter ping )

yep i can ping fine… just cannot vnc into it. i get the message no matching security types.

“No Matching Security Types” is almost ALWAYS an indication that you are attempting to connect to another VNC server, either the Apple Remote Desktop server or a RealVNC Enterprise server. Please use an alternate port or disable your other VNC server.

ok thanks… i did install realvnc osx enterprise server but i deleted the folder. do i need to remove from elsewhere? also if i change the port on osxvnc how can i get vnc viewer to look at that port?

ok i removed realvnc server totally… did a restart… started vine server 2.2 and did the vnc viewer and now i get the message - unable to connect to host: connection refused (10061)

any ideas?

sorted. works now