Mac Mini (intel) - Can not connect w/o monitor attached

I have a mac mini (OS 10.4.8) running vine server 2.1. I would like to use it without a keyboard and monitor. If I boot it up with a monitor connected, I can access it with vine viewer 1.0 without screen corruption.

Once I disconnect the montior from the mac mini and restart it, then the screen is corrupted (horizontal lines) until I reconnect the montor.

What is the best way to resolve this?


Have you tried a screen refresh?

The screen refresh didn’t work.

Any other ideas?

What viewers have you tried connecting to it? Normally what you are doing works like a charm.

Here is the problem again. I am running a Mac mini and as soon as I disconnect the monitor, Vine Viewer loses the connection and I can not access it remotely. It says it can’t connect. In this situation the monitor has to be connected and I have to restart vine server on the mac mini. I am running version 1.0 of vine viewer and 2.1 of vine server.

Any ideas what might be going on?

Are you running Vine Server in System Server mode or just running it as a user application?

So if you disconnect the monitor, Vine loses the connect. When you plug the monitor back in are there any messages in the log at that point?

If you have SSH access to the machine it would also be helpful if you could try starting Vine Server from the command line.

Thanks, I will try the suggestions. I am running vine server as a user app. Not sure what you mean by running it in system server mode.

In the meantime, I started Apple Remote Desktop Client, and that seems to work fine with vine viewer.